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Check out some of our work we're proud of.


Statscraft is a Minecraft server analytics platform, officially launched on December 1st 2016, it has grown to handle almost 10 million requests per month and trusted by over 1,200 users and servers. This platform has assisted hundreds of servers grow.


Nighthawk is a homebrew framework. Nighthawk powers all of TkachukTech and its projects due to its simplistic and efficient design. Originally built in 2011, it has been rebuilt in 2017 to serve the next generation of TkachukTech projects.

NightHawk Owl

Owl, powered by the Nighthawk framework, is a powerful modular content management system for TkachukTech and our projects. Administrators can easily manage and customize their web applications. The efficient design allows websites to easily scale across multiple servers to handle high traffic.